Avast SecureLine Virtual private network is definitely an application that lets you connect to the web through highly secure Avast Virtual private network servers. With this, the Virtual private network uses an file encryption tunnel. While using Secure Line Virtual private network is the easiest method to connect to the web as it doesn’t ask the consumer to create additional efforts for that privacy and security of the information. The primary benefit of this Avast SecureLine Virtual private network lies if you use the general public or unsecured network. Avast Customer Care Support Number +1-888-499-5520.

This unique software enables you to bypass geolocation limitations at specific locations to be able to get access to your preferred content with no security issue. There might be chances that you will get not able to determine an association from the Avast SecureLine inside your Home windows or Mac device. To repair this, you can test the next steps:


  1. Verify when the web connection goes well without SecureLine Virtual private network or otherwise. Disconnect or take away the SecureLine Virtual private network and then try to connect to the internet. If you’re still unable to connect to the web, look at your network configuration and settings.
  2. Choose another SecureLine Virtual private network location and then try to set up a connection again
  3. Remove all of the current Virtual private network services running in your Home windows PC after which repeat the process to determine the bond. This really is necessary as SecureLine won’t work appropriately in the existence of other Virtual private network services
  4. Reboot your device and then try to connect with SecureLine Virtual private network once more
  5. This error may also occur because of the publication of the firewall settings, which might vary as reported by the vendor or manufacturer supplying them. Feel the relevant documentation for that detail about managing a Virtual private network.
  6. Make certain your SecureLine Virtual private network applies and active. To determine the same inside your Avast anti-virus, take this road:
  7. Settings -> Subscription -> SecureLine Virtual private network section -> Validity


If the aforementioned solution doesn’t work to your benefit then attempt to establish the bond by uninstalling after which reinstalling the program again. Else, choose Avast Tech Support team by calling their toll-free number +1-888-499-5520.


Exactly the same publication of the Avast SecureLine Virtual private network might also exist in your Mac. To trobleshoot and fix in order to fix, try the below pointed out solution:


  1. A few of the routers think of a feature to allow or disable IPsec which may be displayed as Virtual private network To allow the SecureLine Virtual private network connect after which work correctly, make certain that IPsec or Virtual private network passthrough is enabled.
  2. Speak to your firewall vendor to make sure that the UDP port 500 or UDP port 4500 are open for the firewall

If you’re still not able for connecting your Avast SecureLine Virtual private network towards the network then, uninstall the program after which reinstall it. For more assistance, contact Avast support team on their own toll-free number that continues to be active for twenty-four-seven.

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